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Angela J. Reed lives on a 14 acre farm tucked deep in the cozy woods of Door County, Wisconsin with her husband and six children.  Moments from the sapphire waters of Lake Michigan she spends her days tending to her potager and cottage gardens and caring for her family and farm animals.  In 2005 Angela created the website “Parisienne Farmgirl” and since then has been passionate about developing “joie de vivre”, a joy in life, and sharing that journey with other women as they cultivate memories of domesticity, motherhood and creativity.

Shaye Elliott lives in Central Washington State with her family of six - one bearded husband and four lovely children (Georgia, Owen, William, and Juliette). On their small farm, nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, they grow all manner of organic vegetables and fruit, as well as their supply of meat, milk, dairy products, honey, and eggs. Shaye started The Elliott Homestead in 2010 and now spends her time teaching others to cook, care for their families, and thrive in their homes.


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